Nov 15, 2009

Did you know?

Here are some fun facts about some patents that we sell in our store at Patent Place USA.

  • That Harry Houdini patented a DIVING SUIT ... and a DOLL?
  • That SLINKY was patented by a Naval engineer who was trying to develop something for a battleship?
  • John Lloyd Wright, son of famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, patented the famous LINCOLN LOGS?
  • That someone actually patented the COMB-OVER
  • That one of our most popular patent art print is one for a MALE CHASTITY BELT from 1908?
  • That Pez patented a PEZ CANDY DISPENSING GUN?  Just what every child needs to learn ... how to point a gun in their mouths ... Crazy!
  • That the only US President to hold a US patent is ABRAHAM LINCOLN?
  • That the DRIVE-IN-THEATER was actually patented?
  • The WRIGHT BROTHERS, from our home town of Dayton, Ohio, has several patents for the their airplanes?
  • After WWII, PRESTON TUCKER designed, built and promoted an innovative car with features, power, and aerodynamic design never before seen and at a very good price.  His company folded after building 51 cars.
 Much more about these and other great patents in the near future!

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