Nov 15, 2009

Patent Place Start

So, why did we start Patent Place USA?

It all started back in 1997 when our son broke his leg for the second time. My husband was fascinated by the little tool that the doctor had just used to remove the 50 staples from our son's incision. As the doctor made a motion to toss the little tool in the trash my husband sprang to his feet and demanded the little device, like it was the last french fry in the bottom of the McDonald's bag!

at home we were hardly through the door and he was on the Internet researching the origins of the funky little staple remover. Several days later he was proudly presenting our not-too-impressed son with a copy of the patent for the little gadget. "Great dad" he said, as he rolled his eyes towards me, but I could see that my husband had really enjoyed the thrill of the hunt for that silly patent.
As our children grew up and moved out of our once noisy home, I realized that I needed something to fill the void before the 'empty nest' syndrome got the best of me. Fast forward to today and you see what that one little obsession has turned into? Now I've caught the bug too and admit that it's a thrill to find an elusive patent print, to clean it up and to see the final product looking as good as the day it was submitted!

We invite you to visit us at Patent Place USA, add us to your 'favorites' for future gift-giving, and help us help you find that wonderful patent art print that should be gracing the wall of your home or office by dropping us a note. We will be happy to do all the research to find it, and will add to our listings for your purchase ... all for free.

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