Jan 11, 2010

Jan. 11 - ELDON "Bowl-A-Matic' Bowling Game

ELDON 'Bowl-A-Matic' Bowling Game Patent
Patent Date: January 11, 1966
Invented By: Eric Pullen

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This patent is one of our top selling patents.  It seems that this bowling game is an auction favorite and brings back fond memories to many who seek out the real game.  This patent shows all the mechanics of the game and many have purchased the patent in hopes of making repairs and to give as a gift to those who collect toys.  The game itself is about 4 feet long. 

Eldon Industries, Inc. was a toy company located in Hawthorne, California ... the hometown of Mattel Toy Company.  In its heyday owned locations in Canada, England, Japan, and the Netherlands.  

Eldon's slogan was "Just for the fun of it." which could be heard in TV and radio advertisements, as well as in print ads. 

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