Jan 4, 2010

Jan 4 - Trilby's Couch - Thurston's Levitation Trick

Trilby's Couch / Thurston's Levitation Magic Trick Patent
Invented By: Howard Thurston
Patent Date: January 4, 1927
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This trick has been around for a long time.  It is better known as Thurston's levitation because he popularized it in the U.S and is the patent holder. 

Take a couple of chairs, a board, an assistant and you've got it. A board is placed across the chair tops with some fabric covering them.  An assistant lies on the board and is then 'hypnotized' (hence the name Trilby's Couch) and instructed to rise.  The magician removes the chairs, one at a time and eventually the board will float up then down to its original position.

It has also been improved upon quite a bit since it was first presented. Nowadays it can be performed out of doors, with stage crew etc. being unable to penetrate the secret; as well, some performers (such as Doug Hemming) don't use a board on chairs: they start off with the assistant simply standing there, "mesmerized", and gradually levitate him/her off the ground to the horizontal position and whirl him/her about.

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