Jan 7, 2010

Jan 7 - Chastity Belt

Male Chastity Belt Patent
Invented By: Ellen E. Perkins
Patent Date: January 7, 1908
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My, My, My, ... a woman invented this ... who would have thought? Believe it or not, this is one of our top selling patents. We have had girlfriends buy this for their boyfriends, friends buy it as a joke for other friends, and even parents who have bought this as a warning to their kids dating partners. 

As the inventor states, "I have invented certain new and useful improvements in sexual armor."  Really? This sure doesn't look useful or improved!!

She also states, "self-abuse is one of the most common causes of insanity, imbecility, feeble mindedness in youth." And having to wear this thing isn't?  

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