Jan 9, 2010

Jan. 9 - Hubley Cast Iron Car Toy

Patent Art Print Of The Day!

HUBLEY Illuminated Wheeled Cast Iron Toy Patent
Patent Date: January 9, 1934
Invented By: Jacob Brubaker
Assigned to: The Hubley Mfg. Co.

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This patent relates to toys, and more importantly, to the metal toy of the wheeled type illuminated by the electric lamp supplied with current from a battery dry-cell.  

The Hubley Manufacturing Company was incorporated in 1894 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and produced wonderful toys throughout its history.  early Hubley production consisted of numerous cast iron toys including various horse drawn vehicles, guns, household appliances, and more.  With the automotive age, cars, trucks, and other transportation became their focus.

The Hubley cast iron toys are collectible items even today and priced well over $100 for most of them.

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