Jan 1, 2010

Jan 1 - Car Wash - Sherman Industries

Sherman Industries Car Wash Patent
Patent Date: January 1, 1991
Invented By: Sherman Larson
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This patent was granted to our son-in-law's grandfather ... so we thought it was only fitting to start the year out with information about Sherman Larson and Sherman Industries and the inventions of the automatic car washing system.

In the late 60's and early 70's, Hanna Car Wash and Sherman Supersonic had both been experimenting with the exterior-only wash concept as a viable alternative to the high labor, full-service car wash. With the exterior concept there were no employees vacuuming or detailing at the exit end, and not only was the operator able to eliminate many employee’s, but also increase the volume of cars that could be washed on any given day. This concept was then presented to the oil companies as a method to increase their gasoline sales.

By giving away a free carwash with a minimum eight-gallon purchase, the oil companies launched the first major exterior wash concept on a national scale. 

Hanna and Sherman, along with the oil companies became the major pioneers of a totally new approach to washing vehicles. In early 1969, this revolutionary marketing approach was launched nationwide, and the rest is history.  

If it were not for wrap-around brushes, the exterior concept would never have succeeded. The story of the invention goes something like this: Both Dan Hanna and Sherman Larson invented and applied for a patent on the wrap around brush at the same time, but neither knew who had applied first. In order to make sure that they both could use the concept, they cross-licensed each other.

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